Load shedding imminent

The company stated on their twitter handle, Eskom Hld SOC Ltd @Eskom_SA, “Any unexpected changes on the power system could lead to load shedding at short notice. We’ll provide a weekend prognosis later today.”

Meanwhile, the company added that there was a medium probability of load shedding today, with a high probability of load shedding this evening.

And the company’s media desk stated that no load shedding was planned for this weekend , but the power system remains constrained and any extra load or faults or changes in the system may necessitate the need to implement load shedding. “Load shedding will only be done as a last resort – if demand does not reduce and if the power system is placed at risk,” the company’s media desk stated.

The media desk also advised customers who want to be informed about load shedding that the status of the power system can be monitored in the media. This includes watching out for the Power Alerts and Eskom Power Bulletin broadcasts after the SABC news in the evenings. The power bulletin is flighted on SABC TV immediately after the news, starting with the 5:30pm news bulletin through to the 7:30 bulletin. The announcements, which follow the weather forecast, will run for 60 seconds on all three SABC TV channels, Mondays to Fridays until the end of the year. The radio announcements run three times a day,morning, midday and afternoon).

Eskom customers are advised to check the load shedding schedules which are available on the Eskom website. Municipal customers were urged to contact their local authorities.

Details: 0860 037 566, Eskom’s loadshedding schedule.

Aphiwe Boyce
Metro Reporter

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