Dedicated detective’s son in need

CARE: Constable detective Victor Gabaekangoe and his son Bokamoso Mokobane, who is in need of funds to get an external cochlear processor, are pictured with Douglasdale station commander, Brigadier Lettie Hugo.


“My son cannot hear, we noticed late May in 2014 that he does not respond to sounds or noises,” Gabaekangoe said.

Douglasdale station commander, Brigadier Lettie Hugo expressed that even with the serious matter Gabaekangoe was facing, he was always on top of things when it ccame to assisting the community.

The crime investigation detective explained that he took his son, Bokamoso Mokobane (3), to Fourways Medical Centre for a diagnosis and was then referred to Sandton Clinic to run more tests. He was further referred to Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre and the doctors diagnosed his son with profound hearing loss.

“I took my son to too many doctors who ran many tests until I ran out of funds,” the dedicated father said.

After the diagnosis, little Bokamoso was referred to Baragwanath Hospital where doctors ran even more tests and finally recommended a cochlear implant. “The medical aid authorised the implant and the operation took place on 11 November last year, and it was successful. Sadly the medical aid was supposed to pay the outstanding R210 000 as the entire operation cost R240 800,” Gabaekangoe said.

“I am still waiting for the medical aid to pay the outstanding money in order for my son to get an external processor for his implant which he can only get if the medical aid pays the company that helped with the operation.

“At the moment, Bokamoso is attending the Children’s Communications Centre, who help develop his speech as well as his hearing but he needs to get his external processor,” lamented the loving father.

It has also been recommended that Bokamoso attends the non-profit communications centre which requires a yearly fee of R104 667 to attend.

“I do not know when and if the medical aid will pay the outstanding R210 000 as his teachers are concerned that my son [does not have] an external processor which currently affects his progress at the centre. I am also in need of funds to pay the fees at the centre so that he can get the therapy he needs to develop his speech and his hearing,” said Gabaekangoe.

The crimefighter has been a detective for the past seven years said and began serving the community of Douglasdale last year in April. He said it had been a pleasant experience working for the Douglasdale community and he enjoyed serving them.

“I [come] from Randburg Police Station. This affects me that [I do] not have the necessary funds to get a cochlear processor for my child,” he said.

Hugo said Gabaekangoe was a dedicated detective who had integrity but it was unfortunate that he did not have the means to solve his problem. “All I urge, not on behalf of the station but in my personal capacity, is for somebody or a company to help Gabaekangoe make the necessary provision for his son,” Hugo expressed.

Douglasdale spokesperson Warrant Officer Balan Muthan said part of their duties as policemen and women were to serve the community. He added that they were known as the family in blue and it was also part of their duty to reach out to fellow members who faced difficult challenges.

If you are able to assist, the Children’s Communications Centre’s banking details are:

Account Name: SLAHIC

Bank: Nedbank

Branch Code: 195105

Account number: 1951 070 666

Reference: Bokamoso Mokobane

Details: Children’s Communications Centre 011 484 2193.

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