Domestic Employment Wanted

PRIVILEDGE (ZIM) seeks work as a domestic full-time or Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. Has references. Direct 078‑625‑5479 - SI053542

SIFANELE seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work Mon to Fri with accom. Has references. 078‑882‑2761 / 073‑459‑5441 - SI053546

RUTH (ZIM) seeks work as a domestic Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur. Ref 082‑561‑2167. Direct 074‑332‑1152 - SI053551

THANDI seeks domestic/ driver work full-time Mon to Fri with accom. Code 10. Has refs. Direct 072‑134‑6580 - SI053556

ANITA (MWN) seeks domestic work part-time on Saturdays. Honest, well trusted, nice ironing with 5 yrs exp. Good English and refs. Direct 073‑595‑6614 - SI053562

JEAN (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work full-time with accom. Ref 073‑153‑9519. 078‑862‑5727 / 084‑371‑2628 - SI053566

CHIMWEMWE (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work on a full-time basis with accom. Ref 084‑546‑ 4261 Pricillar. Direct 064‑334‑4261 - SI053567

GLORY (MWN) seeks work as a domestic full or part-time with accom. Has references. 073‑727‑1634 / 064‑432‑8112 - SI053583

BRENDA (MWN) honest, hardworker with 8 yrs exp, good with kids, cooking and smart ironing seeks domestic work full-time with accom. Has references. Direct 083‑993‑9765 - SI053595

SITSHENGISIWE seeks domestic/ childminder work full-time with accom. Direct 062‑643‑3897 - SI053617

NOMPULELO Seeks full / part time work as a childminder with certificate. Has reference. 063‑081‑2509 - SD014848

SINDISIWE Seeks full time domestic work without accommodation. Has reference. 076‑438‑2033 - SD014867

MILICENT Seeks full time work as an Office Cleaner. Has reference. 061‑093‑8266 - SD014881

MARY requires full time domestic employment, without accomm. Has references. 073‑859‑9867 - ML024941

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