Electioneering is not sincere

We have Jacob Zuma handing out cash, the DA jumping on every opportunity to be heard and making some creative  advertisements and Julius Malema telling people that he does not hate white people. The ANC is going door to door telling people how much they care while the Freedom Front Plus has managed to get hold of a data base of numbers and is sending out sms’s urging people to vote for them.

We also have the likes of Ronnie Kasril and  former deputy health minister Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge who have called on South Africans to ‘Vote No’ and spoil their ballot papers on May 7. Kasril and Madlala-Routledge claim that the ANC needs to be taught a lesson and there is no real choice in the political options. Do they really believe this, or are they slowly getting ready to form a new party – and are setting themselves up for a good start?

Over the last few weeks, South Africa has had to endure some petty bickers from all parties. All of a sudden, councillors are freely available, and from time to time, have called into radio stations in an attempt to show the country that their party is active, alive and helping the community.

The DA and the ANC have also got into an argument over a DA advert which the SABC has banned – although in both parties  defence – when are the ANC and the DA not in an argument?

Protestors know that this is the time to make demands. The political parties are so desperate for your vote, they’ll do almost anything.

South Africa would be truly better off if these parties – and the ones not mentioned here – would spend a tenth of the energy they use on electioneering, on real matters. People vote because they want South Africa to improve, they vote because they are unhappy. Maybe if political parties acted out sooner they would know the community would reward them with their vote.

Don’t be fooled by false impressions when deciding on whom to vote for. Look back over the last few years and decide who you think deserves to be in power.

Aimee McGill
News Editor

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