The five best things about a festive season birthday

Birthday... How to take advantage of a festive season birthday.

Here are five awesome things about a festive birthday:

It’s the best excuse:

There are so many obligations surrounding the festive season that so many people hate. Use your festive season birthday as the perfect excuse to get out of holiday troubles such as Christmas shopping.

No family troubles:

Whether your family is the happiest in the world, there will always be that one cousin or aunt that you hate seeing. A festive season birthday helps you avoid these family members. So if your birthday is before or after Christmas, you won’t have to worry about dreaded family members, you actually won’t have to worry about any family members, absolutely no one!

You get the best gifts.

The guilt surrounding your birthday, as it falls in the festive season, will lead to the best Christmas gifts. So take advantage of the possibility that some people may forget your birthday and guilt trip others into putting extra thought and effort into your Christmas gift.

Best New Year’s/birthday party

If your birthday coincides with New Year’s, then expect special treatment from everyone. While you might be sharing the festivities with another important celebration, the most expensive New Year’s parties will be covered by your friends or family.

Delay! Delay! Delay!

Use the plight of a festive season birthday as an excuse to move your birthday party to any time in the year. This will give friends and family a good reason to give extra attention at any time during the New Year that suits you. The best gift is a birthday I.O.U.

Andrei van Wyk

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