Five fun activities when you’re having a lonely Christmas

Alone... How to get through a lonely Christmas.

But there are some who might be spending this special day alone, but not to fear, here are five things you can do to cope with a lonely Christmas.

Help your favourite charity out:

Not only will charity work be morally rewarding, but it can be incredibly therapeutic. A great thing to do would be to spend time at your local SPCA making cute and cuddly friends who can truly heal a lot of your loneliness.

Stay in your pajamas all day:

There is nothing better than sleeping in or lounging about at home all day, and with no significant stresses you can be as lazy as you want by staying in your pyjamas and doing whatever you want.

Unleash your creative genius:

With all the spare time at your disposal, some creative activities can get the mental juices flowing through artistic expression. A great activity would be to make your own Christmas decorations and adorning your home with some of your handy work.

Start your new year’s resolutions early:

With all the stresses of work and family out of the way, the festive season would be a good time to start your new year’s resolutions. Resolutions such as quitting smoking or exercising more are usually hindered by different pressures that daily life provides, so use that free time to your advantage and start your new year’s resolutions early.

Take up a helpful new trade:

Taking up a new trade such as cooking or doing your taxes could be greatly beneficial to you in the long run, so use this free period by taking up a new trade or learning something that could add value to your new year.

Andrei van Wyk

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