Ten things you need in your car this December

Survival kit… Things you need in your car this December. (Photo: http://carzz.co/10-you-re-a-slob_5797.jpg)

Here is your list of 10 things you will need in your car this festive season:

1. Cooler box: This is where you will store all of your road trip food and drinks.

2. Tooth brush and face cloth: In case you have to stay overnight at your friend’s house after a crazy night of partying, you’ll need to at least brush your teeth and wash your face before heading out to your next adventure.

3. Extra outfit: Anything at any time can happen during the festive season. A spontaneous invite to a glamorous party might reach you while you’re still in your jeans and sneakers at a house braai; so be prepared with that extra fancy outfit in your boot.

4. Spare wheel: Make sure your spare wheel is in good condition in case of any accident since you will be on the road a lot.

5. Cellphone car charger: Stay connected at all times by making sure your cellphone’s battery is fully charged even in your car.

6. GPS device: Don’t be caught without your GPS device in your car which will help you get around this December.

7. Water: Always ensure that you have water in your car for in case you need a refreshment while on the road or in case your car runs out of water.

8. Disposable plastic bags: These are necessary to put in all the rubbish that accumulates inside your car.

9. Multi-purpose utility knife: This tool is important because it is useful for various needs. Get one that is fully attached with a pair of scissors, a bottle opener and pliers.

10. Music: Make sure you have all your favourite music in your car to make your travels more enjoyable.

Gugu Zwane

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