Special care for pets during fireworks

Cats get frightened by the loud sounds of fireworks.

The noise and disturbance of festivities can be particularly distressing to animals, who are particularly sensitive to sound.

It is important to ensure that pets are taken care of during firework displays, and it is advisable that animals be kept indoors and provided with a sense of security.

Owners should ensure that all pets have tags that are clearly marked in case the animal runs off.

They should be kept indoors with the curtains drawn to block the flashes from fireworks. And play some familiar music to draw attention away from the loud bangs. Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that the pet is confined in a comfortable, safe place with food and water, for example under a table with blankets, a chew toy and a bowl of water.

Signs of stress in both cats and dogs include cowering, soiling the house and refusing to eat.

Pets should also be monitored after fireworks to ensure they are not suffering extended shock.

The City of Johannesburg’s bylaws allow for the setting off of fireworks for four days in total over the holiday season:

Christmas Eve from 7pm to 10pm (24 December)

Day of Goodwill from 7pm to 10pm (26 December)

New Year’s Eve from 11pm to 1am (31 December)

New Year’s Day from 7pm to 10pm (1 January)

Katherine Fei

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