Thoughtful but cheap Christmas gift ideas


Coffee Mugs

If there is anyone who will understand your need to be a bit frugal on Christmas, it is your partner. However, that does not mean you can’t be creative while being cheap. If you and your partner enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together then this is for you. A personalised printed set of mugs for him and her – very easy and extremely cheap.


A jar of something

Nothing says thoughtful like giving your mother-in-law 365 reasons why your children think she’s the best grandmother. This may take some time, so it would be best to start now. Get your children to note down a few reasons why they love their granny. Tip: Have them do a few every day so as to keep their creative juices flowing and to not tire them out.


Bath Towels

Probably everyone’s favourite gift idea is a set of towels. Buy inexpensive, but not too cheap looking, solid-coloured towels, and some fancy ribbon at the sewing store. Sew on the ribbon and you have a not-very expensive gift, but a practical and expensive-looking gift.


DIY gift wrapping

Inexpensive, usually means Do It Yourself. If your mother, sister or wife is an avid amateur or professional chef, then you could swap the oven-mitt-for-stocking this year. Use an oven mitt as the gift wrapping for inexpensive kitchen utensils you bought for them.


Bath salts

Grandma and grandpa may be sick of your bubble bath and bath salts, but it still makes for a thoughtful gift. They’re inexpensive, smell nice, there’s always going to be use for them either way and if you’re lucky, they usually come packaged as a present anyway – so you’ll save on wrapping paper and ribbons.



There’s always a concert, show or movie someone really wants to go to. Get your movie boffs a voucher from Ster Kinekor or perhaps an inexpensive show at the Market Theatre. This present says, “You know what I like and you made an effort”.


Child’s artwork, framed

If you’re a parent than you’ll know that nothing warms your heart faster than a gift your child made for you – and even more so if you’re a grandparent. Take advantage of your child’s artistic abilities – that’s if you can get him or her to settle down long enough – give them crayons, paint and glitter, then let them go crazy. Frame the end product and you have the best, most thoughtful and least expensive of all gifts.


Lesego Puso

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