Ghost town of Johannesburg

The challenge begins on how to keep ourselves sane. But are we really unlucky? We get to take advantage of the ghost town Johannesburg becomes and we get to do things that we usually can’t do with the masses of Joburgers around.

Here is the top five ways to take advantage of the ghost town of Johannesburg during the festive season:

  •  You can walk around naked at home without the curtains drawn

Yes a bit far-fetched but think about it, when can you do this? Your neighbours are away, you’re home alone and feeling a bit adventurous. Feel the liberty of just walking out of the shower into your kitchen or living room naked while glutinously indulging in a tub of ice-cream.

  •  Shop up a storm without standing in queues

So most of the population vanishes, allowing you to shop without the irritation of standing in nerve-wracking queues. Most shops have their annual sales year end and getting those unbelievable deals are possible, allowing you to stock up on clothes and goods for next year.

  •  Become a tourist, travel off the beaten path

Go explore parts of Johannesburg that you may not have heard off or had the time to see. Like having a picnic at the Melville Koppies, experiencing unbelievable views from the viewing deck at Carlton Centre in Johannesburg CBD, visit and enjoy a vegetarian meal at Satyagraha House in Oaklands where Mahatma Ghandi spent his days in South Africa, take a solitude trip to Constitutional Hill in Braamfontein or take a drive to Hartbeespoort dam and make use of the ariel cable way.

  •  Throw massive house parties

With the help of social media, get all those lonely people left in Johannesburg together, have a braai, stock up on alcohol and crank up the music. With that annoying neighbour away you can let your hair down and have a great time with your mates, but remember to be safe and don’t drink and drive.

  •  Go watch a movie alone

Yes daunting, but liberating.

Nadia Ismail

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