How to keep your car in top travelling condition for the holidays

Picture: UNDER THE HOOD: Make sure the engine is cool when you reach under the hood.

We all know that petrol is the “food” that causes the car to run – much like the human body, although, that is not all that we need to know. There are the basics – ensure that there are two pints of oil in your car, make sure that there’s enough water, and be aware that your tyres are at the appropriate pressure.

Here are some other things you should know:

  •  Make sure that your spare tyre is in good condition in case you may need it, however (and this is extremely important), DO NOT attempt to use a “biscuit tyre” for longer than 100km. It is not made for prolonged use and it’ll probably disintegrate the further your drive.
  •  You may notice that your tyres are getting worn on the sides, and this means that it’s time for a rotation, which should be done every 5 000 to 10 000km. This will prolong the life of your tyres, especially on those lengthy holiday drives.
  •  Before you embark on that highly-anticipated road trip, get your mechanic to check some of your car’s essential fluids. This would be the oil and water, but also brake fluid, steering wheel fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer reservoir.
  •  How often do you change or even pay attention to your car’s battery? Most of us would say that our battery doesn’t really receive the attention it deserves. Make sure that on those long trips, your battery terminals aren’t covered with dirt or corroded. Dirt and debris do not allow for the required charge to run through the car and can cause a serious halt in your journey.
  •  The most obvious thing to remember is that the engine will be hot after driving (duh). If you are checking anything under the hood, make sure that you do that before you drive your car or after it has cooled down.

Any tips and tricks to help drivers out on long trips? Leave a comment below.

Racine Edwardes

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