Edutain your child during this summer

You are now facing a new challenge, “I’m so bored! There’s nothing to do here!” complaints.

Fear not when these amusement facilities are a mere short drive away.

For approximately R62 per adult and R31 per child, per day, you can take your child on a wildlife adventure at the Kruger National Park. The park opens at 5.30am during December time and closes at 6.30pm. That’s 13 hours worth of fun, and educational oop-ing and aaa-ing that cartoons at home couldn’t offer you. The park is open 365 days a year and is thus the perfect distraction for young, bored minds, any time.

In keeping with the edutainment, Lory Park Zoo and Owl Sanctuary, based on Kruger Road in President Park is also open during the Christmas period.

They are the perfect getaway as they provide interactive entertainment. If your child wants to see how the tigers eat, the discerning mom or dad must be at the zoo by 2.30pm.

If seeing a big cat chew down their lunch is not to your child’s fancy then perhaps petting a rabbit will fill them with happy thoughts. Simply purchase a packet of bunny food and take time out to bond with your child’s new best friend.

The zoo’s entrance fee can range between R75 for adults and R50 for children. Children are also invited to be zoo rangers during December for R160, which includes lunch. This is from Monday to Friday.

We are not promising that more questions, such as “how did they do that?” and “can we keep one?” won’t follow anyone of these trips. However, you will have made priceless entertainment for your children on every trip which makes these outings worthwhile.

Thandi Ntobela

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