Have a joyful Christmas

Most, but not all families are packing their cases and will be heading towards their vacation destinations. Those who stay home will start to relax as traffic eases and shopping centres empty.

It has been a long year filled with many joyful moments but also many tears and heartache and I, for one, am glad the holidays have begun.

As we all start to unwind and relax I would like to urge residents –those travelling and those staying in our beloved city – to stay safe.

If you are travelling, don’t speed. Take regular breaks and remember that just because you are on holiday, you can never let your guard down. Criminals go into their peak season over December too – so keep those eyes pealed and lock those doors.

For those of you staying in Joburg, there is still lots to do.

The perception that Joburg dies during the holiday season is an old wives’ tale. There are so many activities, shows and excitement I almost feel sorry for those who are leaving … well, not really … if I could escape to the beach for a few weeks I would take the offer without blinking an eye.

My point is – if you are staying in Joburg, take the Christmas period to explore the city. Go beer tasting, climb one of our famous koppies or visit one of the many destinations within close proximity.

Megan McLean
Group Editor

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