Smash and grab caught on camera

A video has been loaded onto YouTube by Craig Jennings and is dated 15 January. One can see a man walking along Witkoppen Road, near the Cambridge Road intersection.

The man seems to be drawing attention to himself and attempting to talk to passing motorists. In the other corner of the video, one can see a second man, keeping watch. As a white Landrover Discovery passes the first man, he appears to throw an object at the window, after which he climbs half-way into the vehicle.

A commotion occurs and the first man runs across the road, joining the second man. They both jump over the bridge and disappear out of sight.

Watch the video here:

Founder of eblockwatch, Andre Snyman, said “This spot is a hot spot, like every bridge over the highway, which does not have an off-ramp. The getaway car is parked under the bridge in the highway.”

Snyman added that as the suspect jumps over the barriers and gets into the car below, the getaway driver accelerates away. “The victim is stuck in the traffic above. The smashers are far gone by the time the victim realizes what has happened. The problem is that we do not make eye contact with beggars and tend to look the other way. This is a perfect storm for a smash and grab.”


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