Caxton car egging experiment

Egged... The egg splatter on a car windshield.

Spokesperson for Metro police Edna Mamonyane said that although she has not seen or heard of the act of egging a motorist’s car, she still advises the victim to proceed with caution when caught in this situation.

She added, “I advise the motorist to not use their windscreen wipers as it could cause smudging which will impair their vision further. I recommend that the driver should stop at the nearest filling station and clean their windows there.”

Sandton Chronicle journalists experimented the affect of half a dozen eggs thrown at a car’s windscreen.

When thrown against a windscreen, the egg spreads across a wide surface area, and in turn could impair a driver’s vision, without even using the windscreen wipers.

Another finding noted was that when using one’s windscreen wipers, the eggs smudges even more so, which decreases the motorist’s ability to see clearly. The splattered egg proved to be a very difficult substance to remove from the car and will require numerous washes to rid the car of the substance and the smell.


Andrei van Wyk

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