It’s Cow Appreciation Day

Bulls being decorated for Pongal celebrations in Coimbatore, India. Photo:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, in other countries, cows are revered and treated as sacred animals.

In India, it’s reported that if a cow is in the road, traffic comes to a complete standstill. For as long as the cow is there, no one would dare try usher it out of the way. Citizens simply wait for it to move along on its own. This is because their milk is a source of food, and they are seen as a symbol of life and wealth. They are also unrestrained and allowed to roam free.

In ancient Egypt, cows were also the symbol of fertility, richness and renewal.

Although the date of Cow Appreciation Day varies across the world, many people take it quite (humorously) seriously. A few fast food companies have specials on the day, where guests dressed up like cows can come in and receive free food, while others simply dress up for fun.

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