UDM – Name and shame academic fraudsters

UDM secretary general Bongani Msomi.


UDM secretary general Bongani Msomi said no statistics were needed to work out that South Africa was battling with an issue of fraudulent and fake academic qualifications, both in the public and private sectors. Msomi said this trend had tarnished the image of the country, and as a result, innocent graduates were being affected. He added that government had failed dismally in curbing this problem.

“As the UDM, we say it is high time that government names and shames those found to be involved, if there are no other measures to stop this,” Msomi said.

He said there were many qualified graduates standing on corners with placards asking for jobs, while so-called officials were employed in the same sectors with fake or fraudulent qualifications.

Msomi added, “We have seen even high profile politicians being [guilty] of this humiliating act, with not much being done to stop it. That is the reason we are [saying there is] an urgent need for decisive intervention with drastic action in stopping this, and [thereby] creating job opportunities for the unemployed young and old qualified citizens.”

Msomi added that this should be declared a national crisis so that urgent practical and lasting solutions could be found with speed.

“UDM is for clean governance and we are calling for punitive measures against the perpetrators,” he emphasised.

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Aphiwe Boyce
Metro Reporter

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