JRA installs UPS units to power robots during load shedding



Out of the 42 notorious sites, three are in Johannesburg North.

The targeted intersections in Johannesburg North all branch off from Allandale Road which is known as the M39. These are the Gautrain depot access in Waterval at the intersection of the R55 and Maxwell Drive; the corner of Mastiff and Allandale roads; and the corner Kappa and Allandale roads.Bertha Peter-Scheepers revealed to Fourways Review in an exclusive interview this week that even the 200 uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units installed at traffic lights were not spared.

“Previously, 200 UPS were installed, however, these were all stolen. JRA then investigated a more robust casing for these units, which took some time, and 27 UPS units were installed in June this year at various intersections in the Greater Johannesburg area. Another 125 units will be installed before the end of June next year,” announced Peter-Scheepers.

UPS is an uninterrupted power source or battery which is charged normally. The charged batteries provide power to traffic signals for a maximum period of six hours during a power failure.

Peter-Scheepers declined to identify the exact location of the UPS units for fear of exposing them to thugs. “Unfortunately, the intersections where the UPS units are installed cannot be made public in order to mitigate the risk of theft,” she said.

“JRA is committed to repairing at least 90 percent of traffic signal component faults within 24 hours. Power failures and signals affected by accident damage or vandalism take longer to repair, sometimes between three to 30 days.”

She added that JRA’s 24/7 response team comprised technicians who worked outside of normal working hours.

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Mswazie Dube

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