Don’t be a sitting duck

Megan Mclean

Without sounding paranoid, there are so many people in Joburg that will, over the festive season, continue to try and take advantage of you and your holiday mentality. Stay vigilant, check that your car is locked and continue with your regular safety habits.

It sounds obvious, but simple safety precautions are constantly ignored and it only takes letting your guard down once to become a victim of crime.

I was shopping at Makro the other day and was so caught up in the sales and the moment, that when I heard an announcement asking ladies to make sure their bags were safe and secure, I got quite a fright as I had become the very person I try not to be … I had left my bag in the trolley and taken a step back to look at something, forgetting that all my valuables were vulnerable.

Talking about vulnerability, be cautious about where your bin is left. It is so easy for someone to drag a bin from the road and use it to hop over a wall. If you are hoping your bin will be emptied during the day, leave it out, but before you lock up for the night, bring your bin inside … Let’s not make criminals lives any easier

It is very sad to have to have to remind people about crime, but the reality is, this is Joburg, this is South Africa and crime happens.

Weekly, this newspaper carries articles on crimes in the area, and more often than not there are tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Not to say that by doing or not doing something lowers your chances of becoming a target, but if a few simple steps can help deter criminals we should try to follow them.

Holidays are meant to be fun and worry-free – and so they should be – but please remember to not let your guard down. Your holiday won’t be fun if you are robbed, held up or spend hours at a police station reporting a crime.

Stay safe, drive safe and enjoy.

Megan McLean
Group Editor

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