15 toys that top the Christmas wish list

My First Thomas is on many children's wish lists this festive season.

The Fabulous 15 toys tipped to feature prominently on children’s wish lists include popular classics such as Barbie, bicycles and plush toys. Educational toys also feature high on the list, but toys inspired by popular blockbuster animations are a firm favourite.

“Children are often fascinated by what they watch on television and at the cinema. Toys inspired by movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and Lego movies have proven to be hugely popular,” said Michelle Burke, marketing manager, Toys R Us South Africa.

“These toys – adapted from popular children’s movies and television shows – allow children the opportunity to bring their favourite characters into their homes where they can recreate these stories in a fun-filled imaginative way,” explained Burke.

Burke added that the continuous innovation in toys has contributed to the increased demand for technology-driven items, which range from remote controlled cars and gadgets, responsive toys, which boast sound effects, movement or light-up features as well as electronic devices and gaming.

The 15 toys expected to top children’s 2015 Christmas wish list are:

  •  You & Me Twin Deluxe Set (R299.90)
  •  GlimmaGirlz with carrying case (R199.90)
  •  Barbie Lead Princess Feature Dolls – English (R449.90)
  •  Toys R Us Just Like Home Shopping Cart (R199.90)
  •  Robo Sea Horse Playset (R499.90)
  •  42” Plush bear with ribbon (R199.90)
  •  Animal Planet Dino Invasion (R299.90)
  •  Lego T16 Skyhopper (R399.90)
  •  Star Wars Lightsaber (R499.90)
  •  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28cm Talking Turtles (R599.90)
  •  Fast Lane Truck Carry Case (R299.90)
  •  Remote control Ford F150 Raptor 1:24 (R249.90)
  •  12-inch Bikes – EVA Pink and Blue (R399.90)
  •  Toys R Us BMW Motorcycle (R2 499.90)
  •  PlayStation 3 – Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Starter Pack (R799.90 and R899).


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