UPDATE: Gareth Cliff makes racist blunder

According to eNCA, Cliff tweeted that people clearly do not understand free speech.

Cliff later apologised, explaining that one cannot stand up for racism.

Many people were however not satisfied with his apology, and called for him to be boycotted.


The actions of former Jawitz Properties real estate agent, Penny Sparrow, who has been ostracised for her racial social media posts, have been condemned by her employer.

Sparrow, made racial slurs after New Year’s Day in a social media post where she referred to black people as monkeys.

Shortly after she posted the passage, it went viral and has had South Africans in a social media uproar.

eNCA has since reported that her employer has launched an investigation into the comments she made in the post, with Jawitz CEO, Herschel Jawitz.

Penny, who is no longer an employee at Jawitz, has since responded that she referred to the black people on the beach as monkeys because she thinks that they are cute.

The company has distanced themselves from the ex-agent and she is still enduring the full force of the backlash from the racial social media post.

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