At least empathy hasn’t dried up

Megan Tyack

What was amazing about these groups of people was that it was their own initiative that has since kick-started a more formal movement, Operation Hydrate.

While the new movement started off with drop-off points around Joburg, they soon realised what a logistical nightmare it was. Sorting the water containers into sizes and packaging them was taking up too much valuable time. As a result, Operation Hydrate has requested residents to assist financially – the group will then buy water at a discounted rate, on your behalf, and make sure it gets delivered to those who so desperately need it.

Animal organisations also joined in, pleading with community members to donate containers which the organisations will deliver to townships to ensure that animals have sufficient drinking water.

With many municipalities, including Joburg, already implementing water restrictions, the water crisis does not come as a surprise – what has shocked many, though, is how it has been largely ignored by government and residents until now.

Over the December holidays, it was shocking to see how many Joburgers forgot about the water crisis altogether. Filling up pools, watering gardens and washing cars during the day became the norm again. It seemed as if many residents were simply ignoring the crisis or truly forgot.

Well, if last week brought anything good, it was a not-so-subtle reminder that the water crisis is real and is not going to go away.

For those residents who are making an active effort to conserve water, thank you, and to those who are going the extra mile by collecting water and delivering it to those in need, or have assisted financially – you are all truly amazing!

If you would like to donate, the account details for Operation Hydrate are: Absa, account number 931 458 7739.

Megan McLean
Group Editor

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