Young DA leader on the rise

Percy Morapedi Koji says the DA is a non-racial party.


Koji was among 80 young leaders from the same number of countries who were invited to Atlanta in the United States by Styleborn Media Concepts to attend the emerging African Leaders Awards. The awards are aimed at young people who are involved in community development in business and politics, and Koji was awarded the Oasis Politics Award for his contribution in uplifting local communities.

Koji said Styleborn Media Concepts followed young leaders on social media and identified the consistency of work that they did in their communities and compared it with others worldwide. “If your work makes a positive impact you are most likely to be a preferred nominee,” he said.

Koji added that he was humbled and honoured to have been given such a prestigious award. “It shows that there is hope for dedicated young people to be passionate to bring change in their home countries. I am inspired to realise that Africa, as a continent, has so much potential in realising leaders with vision to develop, enhance and create opportunities for young people and its future generations,” he said.

Touching on the recent racial spats within his own party, Koji said the DA would always protect its members, irrespective of skin colour. “We are a non-racial party and most diverse party, we don’t promote racism,” he said.

“Our aim is to reconcile and integrate a divided society.”

Koji was of the opinion that the recent racial shenanigans in his party would not affect their ambitions to wrestle political control of Joburg away from the African National Congress in the upcoming local government elections.

Aphiwe Boyce
Metro Reporter

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