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“Petrol stations were once considered as a safe house for frightened motorists to run to when in danger, they were the ‘den’, but sadly criminals are now fearless and those who work at filling stations are weary of trying to assist the customers because criminals will simply return later to deal with those who interfere,” Snyman said.

The armed robbery video depicts a man getting his car filled with petrol. When he gets into his car he is approached by two men who rob him of valuables while he is inside his car. This happens in broad daylight in front of petrol attendants, and people who witness the whole ordeal but casually walk on by. The robbers then drive off in their getaway vehicle.

Watch the video:

Snyman gives the following tips on what to do to keep yourself safer at filling stations:

  •  Use popular and busy filling stations.
  •  Fill up during the day, it is considered the best time because there is more traffic.
  •  Always use your gut feeling. If you feel uncomfortable with the people next to you at petrol pumps drive away if you can, or close your windows and lock your doors.
  •  Use a credit card to pay, do not carry cash.
  •  Have your valuables locked in the boot.

“Criminals plan their getaway before they strike, so without a speedy getaway they are unlikely to strike. Petrol stations with close access to highways would be ideal for criminals to strike because within a short time they could be miles away from the crime scene,” Synman said.

He said if you were registered with eBlockwatch Rover WhatsApp system and were faced with such a situation, you could send your location and the system would link you to the closest eBlockwatch CommUnity support group where you are. You can also call for assistance.

“You should type in the registration of the car of the people who are making you feel uncomfortable,” he said. “Add as much detail as you can and have your finger on the send button, you can always delete it once you are away safely but if you need assistance press send. eBlockwatch members will do their best to assist and if need be, we will vitally mobilise security networks to assist.”He added that an extra precaution was for a person to have their phone connected to the eBlockwatch CommUnity panic button.”This allows eBlockwatch to track your phone when activated, it also mobilises family and friends.

“You are invited to sign up on Rover by simply saving the 081 812 1057 number to your contact list on WhatsApp and then type in the word ‘Rover’ to the new system on eBlockwatch called Rover and it will ask you to send your location. This will only work for members who have registered on the eBlockwatch website,” he concluded.


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