8 suspects steal money and valuables from restaurant managers and patrons

Warrant officer Balan Muthan.

According to head of communications for the Douglasdale Police Station, Warrant Officer Balan Muthan, the suspects entered the restaurant and held the owner of the restaurant at gunpoint. He further said that they then robbed the owner of his cell phone and money.

“The suspects also robbed the patrons of money and hit the owner with a firearm as they fled the scene. The matter is still undergoing investigation,” Muthan said.

The restaurant management stated that at 7.25pm, suspects entered the restaurant and demanded to know where the owner and manager were. The waitress then took the suspects to the barman. The owner and the manager were alerted by the noise of the suspects, and were then held hostage.

It is alleged that the suspects stole money from the restaurant’s till; money and valuables from customers as well as the owner’s cell phone. They also allegedly stole wine from the bar. The suspects disarmed the security.

The suspects allegedly fled the scene in three cars, a Land Rover, a black BMW and a white Polo.

Details: 011 699 1300.

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