Unity College pupils work for a good cause

WORKING IT: Tumelo Sekgota (16) and Raunak Baun (19) were two Unity College pupils to shadow Spur staff for the night.


The pupils sought to raise funds for a new alternative experience classroom for the college which would provide an alternative way for pupils to experience and learn the syllabus.

Parents, teachers and their friends and family were invited to dine at the Spur on the evening of 2 August to raise money.

Management of the Spur decided to donate 10 percent of all money spent by Unity College supporters to the school. This included 10 percent of the tips earned by regular serving staff.

“An alternative experience classroom is one where students can go and experience the curriculum in a different manner [than in a regular classroom],” explained the school’s principal, Bruce Lindsay.

“All students in the school, from age three, will be allowed to go into the room and get a better idea of what the curriculum is teaching them so that they can integrate it into the real world. For example, if [a student] is learning about volcanoes in class, they can go into the alternative classroom, watch videos of a real volcano on a screen and then create their own volcano at a craft table.”

The pupils were paired with a member of the serving staff from the restaurant, whom they shadowed for the evening, helping to deliver food and beverages and gaining knowledge on how to do the job successfully.

“Tonight’s involvement by our students is part of [an exercise] when all senior students of the school take part in the work experience programme in the real world,” said head of the senior phase, Anita Wylie.

The event was a success with money raised contributing to the new alternative classroom.

Robyn Kirk

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