Tuesday Life Hack: 3 Internet hacks to make your browsing a breeze

Many would agree that the internet is a wonderful invention but every now and again you have to brush up on some of the new tools that make your internet browsing a little easier. Here are three favourites.

1. Incognito windows

For those moments when you are browsing the net at work and reading celebrity gossip or other web distractions, Incognito window comes in very handy.  Most of the browsers available today offer incognito and private browsing mode and this just means your browsing will not be logged in your history.


2. Twitter shortcuts

Most computer programs offer shortcuts to help you access functions much faster. Did you know that Twitter also has some shortcuts that can you use? For example, pressing “n” will open up a new tweet dialogue box (on native web Twitter) and “f” will favourite any tweet.  Here’s a list of Twitter shortcuts:

3. Mute an email thread

Sometimes the web can be an overwhelming place full of people who abuse it. Do you often get email threads that seem to never end? On Gmail you can now mute those unwanted threads by clicking on the “more” tab at the top of the email, and then the mute option.


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