New Year’s wishes from CPF chairperson

Chairperson of the Douglasdale Community Policing Forum, Jean Berdou, shares his hopes and dreams for the new year.


The chairperson of the Douglasdale Community Policing Forum (CPF), Jean Berdou, hopes for a prosperous new year.

“The CPF and all volunteering officers, and barriers are looking forward to the new year as it brings a sign of hope for the community,” Berdou said.

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“The new year brings forth reward, hope and inspiration behind the old while paving the way for the new.”

Berdou urged the community to join hands with the police to help combat crime in the area. “Community members need to see the necessity to work hand in hand with the police by reporting the crimes which take place in their area and by doing so, we can assure a safer community for all.

“The Douglasdale CPF and its team members wish our precinct community a safe, healthy and prosperous new year and we look forward to working for the betterment for all.”


Masego Seemela

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