Illegal waste dumpers warned

Councillor Michael Sun has encouraged residents to report illegal dumpers.


Member of the Mayoral Committee, Michael Sun, plans to eradicate illegal dumping in the City and has urged community members to report bylaw transgressors.

“I urge residents to take action when they see an illegal dumper in action by taking clear photos showing the culprit, the vehicle with registration number, and the waste dumped,” he said.

Send the photo with the date, time and location to the Metro police’s Bylaw Management Unit, and based on information received, they will trace and prosecute the illegal dumper.

Illegal waste is being dumped in open spaces, fields and in and along rivers. Sun added that authorities and the community must work together because it is difficult to arrest the culprits as illegal dumping takes place very quickly and at various places and times of day.

Details: Metro police’s Bylaw Unit 011 375 5911.

How can residents help the unit in its efforts to force illegal waste dumpers to comply with the law? Share your thoughts on @Fourways_Review 

Marnelle Greyling

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