Fourways Coaching Culture Club has arrived!

The Coaching Culture Club members meet in Fourways.


Coaching Culture Clubs offer something that is quite unique.

The club is made up by a group of people who are working on their life journeys and they hold each other accountable for their own commitments. It has been running for almost two years and has already changed more than a dozen lives.

Each club will have around 15 to 20 members at any one time.

This means the members will get to know one another, which is important, to maintain the confidentiality of a coaching culture. Membership is expected to be long-term because the programme consists of several journals that will grow to dozens of journals over the next few years. Each journal offers growth in a particular area of life. For example, the foundational, personal development, intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships, planning a fulfilling retirement and recovering from divorce, for women.

The launch of the Fourways Coaching Culture Club marks the opening of the fifth club. Due to the limit placed on membership of each club, there will be clubs in every suburb of every city and town in the years to come. The aim of promoting a coaching culture worldwide also means that this programme is affordable to everyone.

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The launch meeting at Hirsch’s Fourways on 18 January was hosted by Sharron Dingle. The founders of Coaching Culture Clubs, Michael Coyle and Kirsten Long, attended the launch to help the club owner, John-Peter Gernaat, through the launch.

The number of attendees was small, allowing for a lot of discussions and a first-hand experience of the process of the coaching culture. Several attendees are members of the business networking forum that Hirsch’s Fourways holds on a monthly basis.

Several more of the members of this forum have expressed an interest in a coaching culture and this may lead to a business oriented Coaching Culture Club opening at Hirsch’s on a Wednesday morning in the near future.

“My thanks to Sharron the PRO at Hirsch’s Fourways and my congratulations to those people who appreciate the value of a coaching culture in facilitating the achievement of the life goals,” said Gernaat.

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Marnelle Greyling

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