Watch: “I was asked to leave the mayor’s team” says MMC Anthony Still

Still was removed from office by the executive mayor, Herman Mashaba earlier in the week on 14 February.

He told the Randburg Sun that he and Mashaba differed over whether the Managing Director of City Power Sicelo Xulu should be fired.

Mashaba released a statement that read:

Read the rest of the statement in the Randburg Sun.

Meanwhile Still has spoken out on getting fired. Asked whether he was fired or resigned he responded: “No I was fired. The last thing I would’ve wanted is to leave the job I really enjoyed. I thought I was making a contribution and in my mind I had a wonderful set of ideas and incubating projects that were in the process of being executed. I loved it, it was pudding to me so there’s no ways I would’ve resigned. I was told to leave the mayor’s team.”

Still also confirmed that there was no letter of dismissal and likened it to a coach picking his soccer team and deciding to drop a player because he doesn’t like them anymore.

The mayor said in his statement that he is firmly of the view that he requires a team of MMCs who share his commitment to tackling matters of alleged fraud and corruption in the City.

Still objected to the insinuation that he was not as serious about corruption as the mayor. “It’s the way in which one goes about it and the way in which one treats people that have allegations against them. One has to follow due process,” said Still.

“I am as keen as the mayor to wipe out corruption and in fact I supported the fact that he wants another investigation into all the allegations around City Power.”

He says he looked through the investigations and came up with nothing, but is fully supportive of the mayor. He says he doesn’t believe in pulling the trigger on someone on the basis of allegations that have been looked at before.

Asked whether he believed there was corruption within City Power and whether Xulu was indeed innocent, Still said  “I’m quite happy for another investigation to be done but on the basis of evidence so far and what has held water after investigations by Edward Nathan, KPMG, advocates, the auditor general. He came clean every time.”

Watch the interview with Still below:

Mashaba announced that councilor Nico de Jager will assume the position of MMC for Environmental and Infrastructure Services.

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