Baby academy helps parents

Pikanini workshops help mothers with parental challenges.


Pikanini is a baby academy which provides private consultations and workshops which educate and assist parents with the challenges of parenting.

“Pikanini is here to help new and seasoned parents figure out the stimulation, sleeping and caregiving issues of their babies and toddlers,” said Una van Staden, owner of Pikanini Baby Academy.

Van Staden has been part of the Pikanini team since 2010 and bought over the company and brand from Karen van Zyl in March 2014. She has a desire to empower parents and caregivers. Through Pikanini, she wants to unlock every child’s true potential.

“I want parents to be relaxed, feel the love and have fun with their child,” said Van Staden.

Through attending these workshops and consultations, parents can receive more clarity about baby stimulation because, according to Van Staden, social media can be an overload of information which could confuse new parents. She said the benefits of participating in these workshops will give your baby a good sleep routine and the correct age appropriate stimulation which makes for a happier baby and more relaxed parents.

The workshops are aimed at babies from six weeks up to four years of age and the baby benefits with a head start to life through stimulation. Pikanini also gives support to the motherhood community, where mothers can freely speak about their challenges in a safe environment.

Details: 082 456 8566

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Marnelle Greyling

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