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There has been much debate about the goings on in Parliment since the president delivered his State of the Nation Address and chaos erupted. We took to the streets of Joburg to find out what the public’s view is on the current state of Parliament in South Africa. This is what they had to say …

NCUMISA SIBOBI: Parliament has been chaotic and President Jacob Zuma should resign because there is a need for a change of power.

SIYAVUYA YAWA: I think all this commotion in Parliament about President Jacob Zuma and allegations on his Nkandla home is propaganda. There are people plotting inside the ANC with opposition parties to paint him in a bad light. The behaviour, however, showed that all the parties are capable of destroying this country.

NTANDO YAWA: The speaker was supposed to address the opposition parties on their motion on president Jacob Zuma. There should have been measures taken against him because of all the corruption allegations. However, I don’t condone the bad behaviour we saw in Parliament.

THIPE SEPENG: Political parties must start respecting one another and conduct their business of the day without involving emotional behaviour.

DAVID SENGOANA: What happened in Parliament was totally unacceptable and is becoming a norm. The next president that will take over from Jacob Zuma will also be treated the same was as long as they are in the ANC.

JEROME MNGOMEZULU: MPs have lost respect for Parliament and one another. What we witnessed was a disgrace to the entire country and not even the speaker could keep her house in order.

Welisa Nene

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