DA – give us proof of ANC corruption

I have listened to all sides of the story regarding the controversial firing of MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Anthony Still, and I still think Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba had every right to do so, considering where he is coming from.

It is interesting how quickly people forget. The local government elections were less than six months ago and already people have forgotten what the Democratic Alliance (DA) promised them and what their campaign trail was based on.

If you remember very well, the DA promised the people of Johannesburg, and indeed other parts of the country, that if elected to power, they would route out all the corruption and wipe it off the face of the municipal administration.

Now that they’re in power, they must honour their election promise and indeed route out all the corruption they claimed was embedded in the rule of the former ANC administration. How then are they going to convince people there was corruption unless they go out of their way to unearth it and lay it bare for all and sundry to see?

If they do not do that, people will realise they were being taken for a ride, hence Mashaba is prepared to go to whatever lengths and breadths he has to, to produce the evidence.

Without that evidence, no one will ever believe their claim that the ANC administration was corrupt. Even the ANC itself will be forced, at a later stage to say: ‘You guys have been in power for so many months now and you claim we were corrupt, where is the corruption you have unearthed?’ So they have to keep digging.

Demanding to know and be given proof of the alleged corruption they claimed was rampant in the City of Johannesburg would be a natural and moral obligation for any sane person, hence Mashaba will stop at nothing in his witch-hunt for any iota of corruption he can lay his hands on.

It goes without saying that anyone who stands in his way risks being ‘Stilled’ as well. I, for one, am one of those people who will be swift to demand the proof of the corruption we were told was rampant – and it had better come into the open soon before we see the hollowness of their statements and claims.

Other MMCs had also better be warned. Whosoever stands in his way in his quest to give credence to his election stance will be ruthlessly dealt with. Still claims he was not amused by the fact that millions were being spent in trying to uncover the said corruption, instead of just moving forward and using that money to deliver services to the communities.

I am also convinced that ordinary citizens, too, are eager to hear the corruption shenanigans that the ANC was allegedly involved in.

We all want to know what the state of affairs was behind those fortified concrete walls of the Civic Centre in Braamfontein all those years.

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Sipho Siso

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