Videos: Bryanston residents complain about Tiger’s Milk restaurant’s alleged noise

Bryanston residents are in an uproar over Tiger’s Milk, a popular new restaurant that residents claim is spoiling the tranquillity of their leafy neighbourhood.

Pieter Watson is sick and tired of the clamorous commotion. “I live in Brook Avenue, at least 500m away from the Jackson Centre and Tiger’s Milk. We cannot sleep at night due to noise emanating from Tiger’s Milk, and we have drunk people screaming and racing around our streets into the early hours of the morning. Gone are the days where we could sit outside and relax. I now live with the roar of loud conversation and music everywhere I go on my property.

“This one development has changed our once-peaceful suburb into a noisy, unfriendly place. As far as damage to my property value is concerned I reserve my rights.”

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Ward 103 councillor Vincent Earp is aware of residents’ complaints and has taken it up with the City. “Residents have had enough. The noise emanating from Tiger’s Milk continues into the early hours of the morning, and residents can’t sleep, as the sound permeates throughout the normally quiet suburb.”

The Tiger’s Milk restaurant has received some serious flak from Bryanston residents complaining about noise pollution and unruly behaviour by patrons.

Another issue that has been brought up by residents is the fact that patrons of Tiger’s Milk illegally park their vehicles in the Braamfontein Spruit conservation area. “The patrons illegally park opposite the restaurant in the conservation area so as to avoid paying for parking. They are damaging the area. I have complained and contacted Environmental Health, Urban Management, JMPD and the Town and Development Planning Bylaw enforcement unit,” added Earp.

The Sandton Chronicle spoke to Tiger’s Milk management who were aware of the complaints made by residents and told a reporter that plans were in place to install sound deadening material in the restaurant.
Tiger’s Milk restaurant was approached for comment by the Sandton Chronicle but failed to provide an official statement by the time of publication. As soon as a statement is received, this story will be updated.

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