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A team of Joburg designers, based at Darley Interior Architectural Design firm, Diad, have created some easy and simple DIY tips to help Fourways Review readers make the most of their homes.

Heather Shannon, of Diad said her favourite design tip was to create a beautiful artwork from something you love. “Frame it or hang it on a wall, it’s the individual items that make a space most interesting,” she said.

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Senior designer Matthew Tyack suggested that residents created a feature wall in their homes. “The other walls should be toned down creating a focus on a beautiful wallpaper or vibrant colour,” he said. He also suggested that when looking at bathroom tiles, one should tile up to the ceiling. “Dado rails are a no go,” he said.

Diad’s interior design expert, Nicole van Douwe said residents should look at rearranging their furniture. “This may sound simple, but rearranging furniture is an effective [and free] way to completely change the look and feel of your home. If you always find yourself climbing over an ottoman, move your couch back to create a passing lane. Is it too cramped? Try moving your side table to another room that’s more spacious,” she said.

Van Douwe also mentioned that buying fresh flowers or adding plants in a home added a natural, fresh element to any living space. “Natural elements instantly bring fresh life into a room,” said Van Douwe. “These plants could also be functional as well as decorative for instance, in your kitchen. A set of pots holding different herbs or wheat grass add a natural element but are still functional as they can be used for cooking.”

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Van Douwe suggested making new covers for your existing throw pillows. “It is a big misconception that fabric and reupholstery can be expensive. We often work with amazing fabric houses that offer fabrics per metre at an incredible price. You can make two covers for your pillows [depending on the size of your throw pillows] out of a metre of fabric. Adding a fresh pattern or colour to your living or bedroom will uplift spaces in your home with little effort and inexpensively.”

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