Uber’s lost and found index

Everyone has experienced that moment of panic when they realise they forgot a personal item on a plane, bus, train or taxi and in many cases an Uber.

The Uber lost and found index is a snapshot of rider’s most commonly forgotten items, from keys to chargers to wallets and many other unusual items left behind.

Cellphones are one of the most common items lost in an Uber.

The index also highlights in which areas people are most likely to be forgetful and which days of the week Uber riders tend to be the most forgetful.

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According to the index, phones and rings are the two most commonly forgotten items, with chargers and sunglasses rounding out the top 10. In terms of unusual items left behind, potted plants, pool cues and even kites make the list, and the most ‘forgetful’ city in South Africa is Cape Town. Most lost reports occur on a Sunday, presumably from items lost the night before.

Other interesting facts include: 30 October, 11 and 18 December were the most forgetful days last year; Sundays saw the biggest spike in lost cellphones; Mondays saw the most lost skateboards and on Tuesdays a lot of swimsuits were lost.

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Jessica Knibbs

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