Races for unity and peace in Africa


The National Peace Pledge marathon will be hosted at the Rand Stadium on 28 May, partnered with the City of Johannesburg and Central Gauteng Athletics.

At a time when the world seems at odds with itself, social enterprise, JM Busha is challenging Africa to lead the way in peace and unity with a race that will not just fill the streets, it will fill the record books.

The JM Busha 54 Races for Peace and Unity has an extraordinary vision – 54 countries, 54 races, all on Africa Day, all for peace and unity. In this, the inaugural year, the first of these races will take place in Zimbabwe on 25 May and in Johannesburg on 28 May and a third will take place in Kenya, later in the year. In future years, all the races will take place on Africa Day which is on 25 May.

JM Busha’s 54 races are citizen-driven initiatives, with the aim of encouraging individuals to take responsibility for peace and as such grow the movement. The objective of 54 races is threefold – to educate and promote peace through sport; to engage and enroll individuals and institutions to actively promote and pledge peace, unity, accountability and responsibility at all levels of society; and to raise money for the AU for peacekeeping missions, mediation efforts and crisis management in Africa.

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Logistically, JM Busha’s aim is to form partnerships with different stakeholders in each country, including local government, sports clubs, churches and civil society organisations. Race ambassadors are key individuals who exemplify the message of the 54 races and student ambassadors will play a strong role in the development and promotion of the race in their respective countries. Prize money is available for each student who develops the best solution to problems in their own country through the student ambassador’s programme.

“Our vision is to build peace in Africa and the entire world, thereafter. How do we try to create the good society that we all seek? How do we as a people live together in our diversity and make sure we do not escalate the misunderstanding and equality that exists across the globe?” asked CEO of JM Busha, Joseph Makamba Busha.

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