Stay safe on the road

IntegriSure has shared some tips for safe driving habits to follow throughout the year.

Holidays are notorious for many road deaths, many of these accidents are attributed to driver behaviour – overtaking on blind spots and over barrier lines, high speed, alcohol and driver fatigue.

To stay safe on South Africa’s roads IntegriSure insurance expert, Lizette Erasmus has some hints and tips when travelling.

She said, “Any road user, even experienced, considerate and safe drivers, face risks. Accident damage and the replacement of one’s car can be hugely expensive. Having to pay for the damages for other cars could be even more disastrous if one has no insurance cover.”

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Tips for road safety:

  • Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and tyres are in good condition
  • Be alert, patient and tolerant
  • Reduce speed for narrow roads, bad light and adverse weather
  • Be aware of pedestrians, children, cyclists and animals around built areas
  • Rest when tired
  • Always wear seat belts, keep a safe following distance and obey traffic rules
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Make sure you have the correct and adequate insurance.

Erasmus noted that because every car owner’s needs and circumstances differ, insurance cover is best arranged on the basis of expertise, experience and personal advice.

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