ANC reaches a point of no return

The ANC’s arrogance in brushing aside calls from civil society for its leader Jacob Zuma to step down as the country’s president, smacks of apartheid-era antics when opinions and mass uprisings against an unjust system of government were not only ignored but violently shot down.

Having only been in power for a little less than half of the Nationalist Party rule of 48 years, the ANC is so power drunk that it has conveniently forgotten how the apartheid regime abused and disrespected the opinions of the majority of the people in the country, simply because they were regarded as ‘lesser human beings’.

Two decades down the line, the same organisation that purported to be liberating us from the evils of apartheid is using similar, though less violent, tactics to suppress and ignore the loud voices and demands of our people on the ground who bear the brunt of Zuma’s corrupt regime and unashamed misrule.

What is happening in the country now shows how shallow and hollow the leadership of the ANC has become over the years. They cannot make head or tail or even comprehend the magnitude of the impact that the cobweb of Zuma and his Gupta friends’ shenanigans has on ordinary people who fought so hard to be freed from the shackles of apartheid.

One would have expected the ANC and its leadership to be more sensitive to the needs and demands of the people, and not play hide-and-seek in the same fashion that the apartheid regime did when we demanded the right to be granted the liberty to become masters of our own destiny.

But, like the apartheid regime, Zuma now wants to steal that right away from us by selling the souls of 50 million South Africans to an Indian immigrant family that is consumed by such greed that they will stop at nothing in their desire to use Zuma as a vehicle to make a quick buck.

If we do not get rid of Zuma now, we might as well kiss a wealthy South Africa goodbye and start preparing ourselves for an inflation rate as frightening as that of our northern neighbour. Zimbabwe has no currency of its own anymore but relies on our rand and the American dollar.

The Zimbabwean dollar has become known as the ‘Zim Donkey’ because of its worthlessness. We could also possibly face a future of driving trailer-loads of goods from Botswana and Namibia, like the Zimbabweans do when they go home from Botswana and South Africa.

The goings-on in our country at the moment should clearly show the ANC that the country’s political crisis has reached a point of no return. South Africa is slowly but surely sliding down a slippery slope, the Zimbabwe way. When Robert Mugabe realised that power was slipping, he conveniently evoked the emotions of the war veterans to beat people into submission to vote for him.

Zuma, like Mugabe, has mobilised the MK veterans to his side, taken a radical stance on land redistribution and threatened to follow in Mugabe’s footsteps by asking MK veterans to invade and forcefully occupy farms. Zuma has also threatened that a land grab of white-owned farms for redistribution to blacks, is on the cards – without compensation.

Zuma has also mastered the art of political chicanery and manipulation to a high degree. Like Mugabe, he wants to impose his wife on South Africa as the next president of the party and country, obviously to cover his backside from the 873 charges hanging over his head.

I urge all of you to resist this dictator in the making or you will forever ‘cry the beloved country’.

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Sipho Siso

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