Amor Vittone narrowly escapes attempted smash-and-grab

Amor Vittone narrowly managed to escape a smash and grab incident in Diepsloot.

Dainfern resident, Amor Vittone, narrowly managed to escape a smash-and-grab incident in Diepsloot, on the N14, according to a report by YOU Magazine.

The report stated that Vittone was on her way home from Pretoria.

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It is believed that she was having a cell phone conversation with her mother Delyse Vittone at the time of the incident.

Delyse told YOU magazine, “While we were talking I heard her scream: ‘Mum, they’re breaking my window! They’re breaking my window!”

Delyse went on to say that the assailants tried to break the front windscreen with a spark plug, while another held a gun to Amor’s head. Her hand bag was stolen but her laptop bag which was in the front passenger seat was left.

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Amor then managed to speed away from the brazen criminals and drove straight home, according to her mother.


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