Top 5 reasons why bubbly drinkers make the best friends

Celebrity Wine Sommelier, Miguel Chan will host the upcoming Tops at Spar Wine Show at Café Cru Sparkling Wine Bar.


A best friend is like a glass, no make that a bottle, of bubbly – the most beautiful sight after a long week at work and the reason to celebrate even if it’s not your birthday. For as long as you can remember, you’ve both loved anything that’s glam and has sparkles. It’s no wonder you share a love for bubbly.

Celebrity wine sommelier Miguel Chan, host of the upcoming Tops at Spar Wine Show’s exclusive Café Cru Sparkling Wine Bar in Montecasino, knows a thing or two about bubbly drinkers.

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At this year’s wine show, we don’t expect it to be any different. Bubbly BFF’s can celebrate in style with Chan as he presents bubbly in all its glory at the wine show which will take place from 25 to 27 May.

As group sommelier for the Tsogo Sun Hotels, Chan, suggested and served some of South Africa’s and the world’s most notable bubbly.

Here he shares his top five reasons why bubbly drinkers make the best friends:

  • Life is all about having fun: Bubbly BFFs love to party and by party it means dancing like no-one is watching and singing at the top of your voice. Unashamedly, over-the-top, one-of-a kind. A bubbly BFF knows not to take herself too seriously and can easily let her hair down.
  • Strike a pose: You know you’ve found your BFF soulmate when you find out she is just as snap-happy as you are.
  • All day all night, bubbly is always on: If not, why not? Bubbly is delicious with waffles, peach compote and fluffy whipped cream on a Sunday morning, or oysters with a tangy vinegar-shallot mignonette, plus a champagne-infused foam and frozen champagne grapes for lunch – yum.
  • Shares your obsession with all things sparkly: The quintessential fantasy shared by all bubbly BFFs are diamonds and champagne.
  • Will never show you up at a party: While there is a certain etiquette that comes with drinking bubbly, your BFF will never leave you in the lurch when it comes to dressing for the occasion.


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