Livewell Village hosts Fourways community members to talk dementia

Lou-Ann van Heerden, the occupational therapist at Livewell Village in Fourways, spoke about the trauma dementia patients face when they are transferred to a facility.


Livewell Village in Fourways hosted an information tea on 11 May to speak about the trauma a dementia patient goes through when they are moved to a care facility, such as Livewell.

Occupational therapist Lou-Ann van Heerden spoke on 11 May, about what family members can do to keep the patient calm during their transfer to a care facility. “In some cases, the person with dementia cannot give consent and we must, therefore, handle these patients with extra care,” said Van Heerden. She advised people to get a social worker involved, to keep the patient as informed as possible.


You should move a patient to a care facility:

  • When a patient becomes at risk to injury
  • When a patient starts to wander
  • When family members don’t know how to handle the circumstances
  • When the situation causes burnout or stress for the caretaker
  • When the patient seems depressed or is in need of specialised care.


Van Heerden explained that a care facility is a better choice for a dementia patient because of the experienced staff. It removes stress from the family members who don’t always have the specialised knowledge to take special care of a dementia patient.

Guests network and enjoy some coffee after an insightful and informative talk on dementia.

She emphasised that when a patient is moved, support should be offered to the person who used to be the primary caregiver. Because that person spent so much time with the patient, they could feel a sense of loss, said Van Heerden.

She concluded that the family and the facility should have a regular and open relationship to make the patient feel as safe and in control as possible. Guests who attended the talk said they found it very helpful and insightful. Livewell hosts support groups for people who have someone with dementia in their lives, whether it is a loved one or a close friend.

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