PK Venkes to impress youth at Litty Streets


Upcoming young DJ, PK Venkes (17), is ready to share his mixes with the youth at the Litty Street event on 1 July at The Sands in Sandton.

This deep house DJ from Abbotts College in Northcliff, who lives in Bryanston, hopes to impress the 1 500 U19 partygoers with his mixes.

His interest in music began in primary school when he played the piano. “I had friends of friends in the sound industry and when I heard their stuff I realised that there’s more than just playing the piano and I began playing around with DJing at home,” said PK.

Last year he linked up with the Rise Academy, where he received mentorship from Aaron Ngwenya from DJ Voltrex. Ngwenya has guided him regarding his branding, how to get gigs and collaboration with other upcoming artists. At the Litty Street event, PK will be collaborating with DJ Phodi to wow partygoers.

His name, PK Venkes, is derived from a combination of the fact that he is a ‘Pastor’s Kid’ and a nickname (Venkes) that he was given as a child.

“I do music to help me and those around me. I work on Fridays and Saturdays and go to church on Sundays,” he added.

He will be playing hip-hop, local house and deep house music at the event on 1 July where he hopes to surprise friends and fans.

He has played at house parties and local events already, but Litty Street will be his biggest event yet.

“If people can stop what they’re doing and listen to me then I know I’m doing a good job,” he added.

Ngwenya, who also started DJing while in high school, said he is privileged to give back to the youth through mentorship. “PK has an intelligent mixing skill and has been preparing for a whole month for this event. He knows how to brand himself. His dress code is cool, hippy and relaxed and the way he performs is unique,” said Ngwenya.

You can catch PK Venkes on stage at the Litty Street event on 1 July at The Sands, Weirda Road, Sandton. Tickets cost between R150 and R200.

For ticket info and VIP packages, email [email protected]


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