Get to know this Dainfern DJ before he turns up at the Litty Street Party in Sandton

Photo: Supplied Ulrich van Stryp, better known as DJ Renzlow, will be one of the acts at the Litty Street Party at the Sands in Sandton on 1 July.

DJ Renzlow had to reschedule his interview with the Fourways Review to a few hours later than originally planned because he was writing an Information Technology exam at school that day.

It may seem strange for a house-loving disc jockey to be worrying about exams, and the fact that such a talented musician is still in Grade 12 at Dainfern College, may seem even stranger.

But ask anyone in the know and they’ll tell you that the dance music scene has a new face, and that face is young. Although the genre has always been popular in South Africa, the scene had been difficult for younger DJs, who struggle to get shows and promote themselves to wider audiences.

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This is where DJ/producer duo Voltrex comes in. As part of their mission to make the scene easier for young DJs to find a place in, Voltrex is hosting their second Litty Street Party at Sands in Sandton on 1 July.

DJ Renzlow is one of the artists in the lineup.

“I’d definitely say that the younger you start experimenting with DJing, the better,” DJ Renzlow, real name Urich van Stryp (18), said from his family’s Dainfern home.

“The great thing about making music when you’re younger is that you really have the time to experiment and practise, unlike when you’re older and school and life start to take up a lot of your time.

“I started DJing when I was about 13 when I got the right program [for mixing and producing music] on my PC.”

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But it wasn’t until Renzlow was 16 that he really got into it, and his career started to take off. In 2015, he performed at his first-ever club event to an enthusiastic response, and his part in the scene grew exponentially from there. In 2016 he started appearing regularly at clubs and house parties all over Johannesburg, and earlier this year, he was invited to perform near-weekly at the Sunday Funk sessions, hosted by The Steamworx in Fourways.

Renzlow is excited to perform at the Voltrex event soon, not only so he can watch other inspirational acts, but also because, to him, performing on stage is the best part of what he does. “I’m so excited to be on stage,” he said.

“I play because I want to see how other people respond to the music because I love that the music has such an effect on other people’s emotions.”

If you’d like to see DJ Renzlow and his fellow DJs perform at the DJ Voltrex event in Sandton, you can buy tickets at

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