Temporary fire engine has made its way to the Lonehill Fire Station

Member of Mayoral Committee for public safety, Michael Sun took heed and made sure that an immediate temporary fire engine was allocated and secured at the Lonehill Fire Department as soon as possible.


Residents were fuming after a house caught fire at the Monte Pollino complex in Beverley. It caused quite an upset in the community when they discovered that the Lonehill Fire Station did not have any available fire engines.

The Diepsloot Fire Station stepped in to help extinguish the fire on the night of the incident. According to Jean Berdou, the chairperson of Future City Fourways, there is an international agreement that fire stations step in and help one another when a fire engine is not available.

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In the meantime, Michael Sun, member of the mayoral committee for public safety, made sure that a temporary fire engine was allocated to the Lonehill Fire Station as soon as possible.

The temporary engine, a Bucher, was received on 19 June 2017. It is smaller than the normal fire engines, explained Sun and added that they are now waiting for the new big one.

“Our meeting with the supplier was positive. The scheduled delivery is on track and we are waiting for the first batch of new fire engines to be delivered in a couple of weeks. Lonehill is on the priority list to receive a new fire engine,” said Sun.

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Marnelle Greyling

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