Lonehill residents demand answers from City after recent fire engine fiasco

The Lonehill fire engine is back at the Lonehill Fire Department.


Lonehill residents demanded concrete answers after they discovered that Lonehill Fire Department was without a fire engine during a recent fire on the corner of Blanford Road and Witkoppen Road.

After a public outcry by angry residents, Member of Mayoral Committee for Public Safety Michael Sun said on 3 August that the fire engine was back at the Lonehill Fire Department.

Residents are angry because of the confusion around the matter and have demanded answers from the City. They initially discovered that the fire department does not have a working fire engine when a fire broke out at Monte Pollino Complex on 11 June. A temporary fire engine was then sent to the fire department on 19 June.

The fire engine is ready for duty at Lonehill Fire Department.

On 22 June Sun confirmed the order for the first batch of new fire engines and said Lonehill Fire Department was on the priority list to receive a brand new fire engine.

On 28 June Sun said the existing Lonehill fire engine was repaired and returned to the Lonehill Fire Department.

In a statement released on 2 August by Sun, he explained that the City of Johannesburg was aware of the current situation at the Lonehill Fire Department. Sun assured residents that services would not be affected and that the Lonehill Fire Department would be covered by the next available fire department in the event of an emergency.

Concerned resident Starrene Stuart said, “What if a fire broke out at the Lonehill Crawford school and the school had to wait for a Diepsloot engine? It would be impossible for the Diepsloot fire engine to get through the Cedar Road traffic in the first place. What’s the point of having the fire station just down the road and where is all our tax money going?”

She requested a community meeting with Sun and councillor David Foley. She also demanded a concrete date for the arrival of the new fire engine.

Stuart said the public should have been informed about the absence of the fire engine and they should have received an alternative emergency number. Fourways Review visited Lonehill Fire Department on 4 August and saw the repaired fire engine parked in the bay.

The fire engine is ready for duty at the Lonehill Fire Department

Do you feel safer now that you know Lonehill Fire Department has a fire engine and how can the council keep local residents informed about urgent issues? Share with us on the Fourways Review Facebook page.

Marnelle Greyling

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