UPDATE: Cable thieves target Leeuwkop Correctional Centre

One suspect has been apprehended for attempted cable theft.

Update, 1.20pm

Ten suspects climbed through the broken fence along Main Road in Lonehill. They moved passed Medium A when they were spotted by prison patrollers.

“After we interviewed the one suspect, it became known that they are cable thieves were doing assessment and planning,” said Ravi Jiwuth, senior manager of Savika Armed Response.

“They were going to return in the evening, armed, to do their operation. We tracked the area thoroughly but could not catch the other suspects.”


The South African Police Services search the surrounding areas.


Together with Savika Armed Response, police arrest one suspect.


It was discovered that the suspects planned to return in the evening.




Original article, 11.00am

Sanku Tsunke, the spokesperson for Leeuwkop Correctional Centre has confirmed that, contrary to reports on social media, there has not been an attempted escape.

Several suspects gained entry to the grounds of the prison and attempted to steal cables at 10am on 6 September. Sandton police officers are currently at the scene and the situation is under control. Authorities have caught one suspect and a manhunt has been activated for the other suspects.

Fourways Review will provide details as they become available.

The South African Police Services scour the surrounding areas to find the suspects.

This comes on the same day that a series of arrests that have been made around Johannesburg for cable theft.


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