Who knows about due process?

Councillor Candice James speaks about the issue of a cellular mast that is being erected.


With the recent commencement of the building of a cell tower on private property in Fourways which had some residents upset, Ward 93 councillor Candice James explained that the process of erecting a cell mast is unclear.

In the case of the cell mast being erected on the private property in Fourways, the owner of the property agreed to the mast being erected. Residents complained that they were not properly informed, but James explained that unless the residents can gather enough written evidence about the process being faulty, there is very little that can be done.

The erection of the cell mast is currently moving at a rapid pace and, once it is completed, residents won’t have much say in the matter.

James called on the residents and said that in a case like this, they need to prove that they were not alerted about the erection of the cell mast.

She added that according to the official City website, “In terms of the policy, all cellular and telecommunications mast applications shall be dealt with in terms of the National Building Standards Act and any other relevant other legislation/s applicable.”

The only other information that was available at this time was found on the City of Joburg website and it stated the following:

  • A letter of EIA Approval from the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment in terms of the NEMA Regulations effective 01 July 2006 needs to be submitted.
  • The adjacent landowner, or any other landowner who in the opinion of the Building Control Officer might be affected by the application, shall be requested in writing to comment on the application within 21 days of being requested to do so in writing.

Fourways Review is in the process of communicating with the relevant people to find out what the due processes are. Keep an eye out for any new updates on www.fourwaysreview.co.za

Marnelle Greyling

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