PICS: ‘Jabu and the Beanstalk’ initiative hopes to help kids grow

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I see a gardening competition which will be lots of fun!

The GardenShop has launched its Jabu and the Beanstalk promotion, which hopes to inspire children and families to see gardening as much more than a chore and support the less privileged at the same time.

Children are invited to test their green thumbs by taking on a gardening project of their own growing beans with the best gardeners, receiving GardenShop vouchers and the opportunity to donate a veggie garden to an underprivileged school.

The Joburg North Branch of Caxton Local Media is a proud media partner of the initiative.

“More and more families in underprivileged areas are suffering because of the cost of living and rising food prices,” explained Joanne Lamb, marketing manager for the store.

“The poorest of the poor are struggling to get the basics, such as food, into their households. This is the first time that the GardenShop is doing a competition of this nature and hope to do it year on year, make it bigger and better every year.”

Participants must spend R150 or more at their local GardenShop in order to receive their lucky bean, which can then be planted and grown for the competition. Winners will be the children who manage to show off their green thumbs before the competition closes on 4 December, and along with winning prizes for themselves, they’ll also win a veggie garden to be donated to a needy school.

“We’re trying to start an initiative of pavement gardens,” Lamb said.

“If we can get schools to help with this as an outreach initiative the ripple effect will be amazing. GardenShop would like to create great gardening publicity and try to create awareness among families and communities that sustainable living is growing what you eat.”

The second phase of the initiative will see continuing support for underprivileged schools.

There are a number of prizes up for grabs, including:

  • 1st prize will be awarded to the gardener who can grow their beanstalk into an impressive structure, such as a tunnel, dome or teepee. The winner will receive an R1 000 GardenShop vouchers and a five square metre veggie patch to donate to an underprivileged school.
  • 2nd prize will be awarded to the gardener who can plant and grow the most beanstalks. The winner will receive a R500 GardenShop voucher and a three square metre veggie garden to donate to an underprivileged school.
  • 3rd prize will be awarded to the gardener who can grow the largest beanstalk. The winner will receive a R300 GardenShop voucher and a two square metre veggie patch to donate to an underprivileged school.
  • There will also be prizes awarded to participants who take and submit photos of themselves with the GardenShop’s giant, which will be travelling around the four shop branches in Gauteng.

Details: Entry forms can be found online: and photographs can be emailed to Competition ends 4 December.

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